choral and instrumental scores 
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  Choral Music

A Great Alleluia                  for SATB choir, brass quartet, percussion and organ. 5 minutes. for Easter service.  Commissioned by St. Olaf Catholic Church, March 2008.
Alleluia                                      for SATB choir.  Celebrating Spain’s Saint James.  In Latin, Greek and Hebrew.  Commissioned by The Rose Ensemble in 2003.  Can be heard on                                                            the CD, Road To  Compostela.                  
A Mighty Fortress is Our God    for SATB choir and piano.  Text by Martin Luther.  3 minutes.  Commissioned by Celebration Lutheran Church in Sartell,  Minnesota,                                                            2011.
Close Your Eyes and Dream   for SATB choir and piano.  A song of hope.  Text by 12th grade student Bee Yang.  Commissioned by Brooklyn Center High School in                                                                Minneapolis, 2015.
He Mele No Na Wai Aloha       for five singers (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass), ukulele and acoustic bass.  5 minutes long. Beautiful new Hawaiian piece                                                                        celebrating the beauty of our eartch's water.  with text in Hawaiian by Pohaku  Nishimitsu.  Commissioned by The Rose Ensemble in 2015.    

Cantemus                             for soprano, alto, violin, hand drum and wind chime. 3 minutes long.  In Latin, about King Herod beheading  James .  Commissioned by The                                                               Rose Ensemble in 2003.  Can be heard on the CD, Road To Compostela.
Cool, Huh                                for three male voices  (1981).  5 minutes.   A fun spoken word piece using text by Louis Armstrong.  "Cool can be hot and hot can be cool but                                                             hot or coolman, jazz is jazz."
Dedication                            for SATB choir with children’s choir and piano  (2000). 3 minutes.  Text by Thomas Merton.  A joyous song dedicated to friends, family, and all                                                              brothers and sisters in the world.                  

Dum Pater Familias (The Father Of All)   for soprano voice and violin.  3 minutes.  Tribute to James the protector of Spain.  In Latin.  Commissioned by The Rose                                                         Ensemble in 2003. Can  be heard on the CD, Road To Compostela.
Gratulantes Celebremus (Let Us Rejoice)   for two tenor voices, violin and hand drum.  A song of praise. In Latin.  Commissioned by The Rose Ensemble in                                                                 2003.  Can be heard on the  CD,  Road To Compostela.

Laudent Deum   (Praise the Lord, heaven and earth, the seas and all dragons in them) for vocal trio (soprano, alto, tenor) and violin.  In                                                                 Latin.  Commissioned by The Rose  Ensemble in 2003.  Can be heard on their CD,  Road To Compostela.

Let Us Sing  (Psalm 95) for youth choir in 3 parts, piano and vibraphone.  2 minutes.  Commissioned by GloriaDei Lutheran Church, St. Paul Minnesota, 1999.

Love Has Come                   for SATB choir, horn in F, two Bflat trumpets, tenor trombone and tuba.  A hymn of love by F.   Seguin (1859).  Arranged by Zupanc.                                                                               Commissioned in 2009 by Central Lutheran Church, Minneapolis.
Mass Of Creation          a full sung mass for SATB choir and cantor with piano.  Perfect for Advent season.

In You, O Lord I Find Peace     for SATB choir, flute and piano.  4 minutes.  This original text by Dennis Herschbach is about healing and finding peace within a                                                                      divided community.  Commissioned by Celebration Lutheran Church in Sartell,  Minnesota, 2011.
Peace                                          for SATB  choir, celtic harp, guitar and northumbrian smallpipe.  4 minutes.  A new Celtic piece based on traditional Gaelic text.  Commissioned                                                          and performed  by  Ascension Episcopal Church Choir, 1998.
Praise the Lord (Psalm 148)    for SATB choir and organ  (2000).  Commissioned through Church/Synagogue Residency administered by the American Composers                                                               Forum (ACF) and Otto  Bremer  Foundation.  Commissioned and performed by Gloria Dei Lutheran Church ,  February 2001
Psalm 18 with Antiphon For the Solemnity of St. Olaf     for SATB choir (mostly unison and 2 part harmony).  With traditional Norwegian text.                                                                                Commissioned by St. Olaf Catholic  Church,   March 2008.

Rain On Me                            for contemporary choir, mostly unison some simple harmonies.  3 minutes.  Original text by Zupanc is about baptism. Commissioned by St.                                                                Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Sartell, Minnesota, 2012
Rune                                            for SATB  choir, celtic harp, guitar and northumbrian smallpipe.  4 minutes. A new Celtic piece based on traditional Gaelic text.  Commissioned                                                          and performed by Ascension Episcopal Church Choir, 1998.
Show Us Lord, Your Faithful Love   for SATB choir and piano.  Psalm 85.  3 minutes.  Commissioned by St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Sartell, Minnesota, 2011.
Spirit In Unity                      commissioned through Faith Partners Commissioning Program, American Composers Forum.  A choral peace celebrating world peace and                                                                 unity with text in many  world languages.  Performed May 2008 by a consortium of five choirs including, The Minnesota Chorale, St. Olaf Choir,                                                           Central Lutheran Choir, Minnesota Children’s Choir, two different African choirs, an African drum ensemble and organ.  
Thank You Lord                   for SATB choir, piano and handbells.  Minimal simple harmonies.  3 minutes.  Text by Zupanc, a song of thanks and gratefulness.                                                                                  Commissioned by Celebration Lutheran Church in Sartell,  Minnesota, 2012.
Three Psalms                        for two sopranos and harp   (1991).   perfect for a wedding
                                                        1.   Psalm 15   (processional)                                                                                         
                                                        2.   Song Of Solomon.  1:2  and  7:10     (exchanging rings or candles)
                                                        3.   Psalm 150     (recessional)                             
Uvashofar Gadol                (traditional Hebrew text)  for SATB Choir and organ.   Commissioned and performed by Temple of Aron Synagogue Choir,  September 1999
 Vergine Bella                        (text by Francesco Petrarca)  for acapella SATB choir.  4 minutes long.  In Italian, a tribute to the Virgin Mary.  Commissioned by The Rose                                                                    Ensemble.  Premiered in November, 2002
We Gather Here Together         for choir and pop ensemble.  3 minutes.  Original text by Zupanc is about community and celebration of world unity.  Commissioned                                                           by St. Francis Xavier Catholic  Church, Sartell,  Minnesota, 2011
Winter For Elizabeth      for SATB choir, oboe, Bflat clarinet, viola, piano.  For Christmas season.  Commissioned in 2009 by Central Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN
Word Of God                       (text by Hillel)   for SATB choir and piano.  Hebrew text.  Commissioned and performed by Temple of Aron Synagogue Choir,  September 2000

Instrumental Music

Amor                                          for chamber orchestra,  a sexy orchestral piece with a strong Latin American influence.  8 minutes in length.  Commissioned by  Minnesota                                                                 Sinfonia in 2014.
Amor                                           for string orchestra,  a piece with strong Latin American influence.  8 minutes.  Commissioned by Edina High School.  Performed in 2010.
Around the World In 100 Years     for chamber orchestra.  8 minutes.   Commissioned and performed by Philomusica at Theater de la Jeune Lune, Minneapolis. 1999.
The Burning Wisdom of Finn McCool   for large orchestra, Celtic uilleann pipe and narrator.  18 minute piece with a Celtic influence accompanied by a narrator                                                               (ala Peter and the Wolf). The story, written by Kevin Kling, revolves around the mythical hero of Ireland, Finn McCool.  Excellent piece for family                                                             oriented concerts.
Evening Sunlight                for accordion, piano, banjo, flute, percussion, tape  (1982) performed by Victor Zupanc and friends at UCSD, 1982 performed by Victor Zupanc                                                             and Friends at the Mixed  Blood Theater, 6/1994
Fearless Travel As You Tread      for string trio.  Using several Scandinavian folk melodies.  Commissioned by Signe Betsinger on the occasion of the one hundredth                                                               birthday of Ellen Nielsen.  Premiered in Rochester by The Cameo String Trio, January 2002.
For the Birds                         commissioned by Zeitgeist.  Composed for Zeitgeist performing with Kevin Kling and Victor Zupanc using text by Kevin Kling.  Premiered in 2010                                                           and continuing to tour.
Four Jewish Dances         for violin, clarinet and piano   (1994).  Four short arrangements of traditional Jewish folk tunes.
Pandora’s Box                      for symphonic wind ensemble.  5 minutes long.  Commissioned by San Elijo Middle High School in San Elijo,  California in 2013.

The Paper Bag Princess     a ballet for young audiences. 10 minutes.  Commissioned by Philomusica Chamber Orchestra.  Premiered in September, 2001

Piece For Janos and Tape   for violin and tape  (1983)    commissioned and performed by Janos Negjesy at UCSD, 1983  premiered by Janos Negjesy at Artspace Art                                                                 Gallery, San Diego, 1984
Providence                             for symphonic wind ensemble.  4 minutes long.  Commissioned by Providence Academy in Minneapolis, 2014.
Until There Is Justice      for marimba, violin, percussion and accordion   (1994).  8 minutes.  Comisioned by Zeitgeist.  Minneapolis, MN  1994
Weave a Tangled Web   for large percussion ensemble,  4 minutes long.  Commissioned by Stillwater High School and their 40 piece percussion ensemble, 2009

also many solo songs for all voices from my theater productions