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“…sometimes with a jazz approach, or vaudevillian, or dizzying circus sounds, lounge music, polka or rock opera
           Zupanc's music has a David Lynch-meets-public radio feel. It is dark and charming and funny and serious.”

                                                                                                         Duluth News Tribune 

“…Zupanc's masterful orchestral piece that captured every nuance and created every mood for Kevin Kling’s entertaining and often suspenseful reading.”
Minneapolis Star Tribune
“…the ingenious sound design by Victor Zupanc.” 
San Diego Tribune

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This track embodies much of what I do. It's very eclectic, jazz, pop, classical, theatrical. It started as a simple song for a production of Alice In Wonderland and evolved into this epic journey. I wrote, produced and performed the entire track using bits and pieces of compositions from various shows and films that I composed for.  

This piece was commissioned and performed by the incredible vocal group, The Rose Ensemble. This group is world renowned for a reason. I love writing for these guys because they will always knock it out of the park. This piece is featured on their CD, Road To Compostela. The Rose Ensemble is an incredible vocal group, one of the best in the world.  Find them.  They have many albums available at www.roseensemble.org

Taste Of Heaven
The main theme (slide guitar in the intro) was originally an instrumental piece played on violin for a national tour production of Shakespeare's Henry V. I loved the simple theme and turned it into this rocking song with the help of my brother Rob Zupanc who contributed lyrics and the lead vocal. Joe Cruz is on acoustic guitar and amazing lead guitar. Me on backing vocals and all other instruments including that cool slide guitar.

On Being     main theme
This theme music was composed for the NPR Radio program Krista Tippet On Being which is broadcast weekly all over the country. Beautifully performed by Jacqueline Ultan on cello and Joe Cruz on guitar and me on everything else.

I composed this music for a production of A Christmas Carol at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis which ran for 12 years. This music scores the transformation from the congenial, compassionate Ghost of Christmas Present into the ominous and frightening Ghost of Christmas Future. This track features the incredible St. John's Boys Choir.

Grandmother's Stories
I originally composed this piece, using an old Jewish folk melody, for clarinet and violin duet. After recording the duet I decided to add a contemporary electronic element to it turning into a fun, loud, Jewish funk tune. Yuri Merzhevski on violin, Mark Henderson on clarinet and me on everything else.

The Burning Wisdom of Finn McCool
This is an epic symphonic piece about 18 minutes long so put your feet up and settle in. It's one of my favorite compositions, for full orchestra, Celtic pipe and narrator. The text was written and performed by my dear friend Kevin Kling, one of the finest story tellers in the world. This piece was commissioned by The Dakota Valley Symphony and it has been performed several times since by various orchestras receiving wonderful response and reviews. This recording is of a live performance by The Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra in Minneapolis, conducted by Music Director William Schrickel. Uilleann Pipes played by Tom Klein.  The story involves Finn McCool, the greatest mythical hero of Ireland.
An electronic pop love song. This is unlike anything else I've ever done.  Truly an  electronic - pop - love  song.  Brian Grivna on soprano sax and me on everything else including all the vocals.
Just To Know You
This song was composed for Found! a musical for which I wrote the book and music. It was produced by The Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis. This song is sung by an 18 year old Colombian adoptee in Minnesota who has just read a letter written to her by her birth mother in Colombia whom she has never met. This recording is beautifully sung by Michelle Carter. The production featured an amazing live band featuring Marc Anderson on drums, Enrique Toussaint on bass, Bill Bergmann on guitar, Nicolas Carter on harp and me on keys.


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